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Heirloom Quality is not something you would normally associate with cutting boards…until now.

Heirloom Quality Cutting Boards

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Welcome to Drouin’s Glen where we produce what we feel are the highest quality and strongest built wood cutting boards. No one creates a cutting board the way that we do. Our hand-made manufacturing process ensures such high quality and strength of our cutting boards, they can be passed down generation after generation…an heirloom.

Our “hand-built” manufacturing approach allows the creation of a board that is designed to be incredibly strong which in turn minimizes any chances of the wood warping or joints splitting. The extra benefit is that all our boards are in fact a work of art. Their art gallery is the top of your counter or island, not as other cutting boards which are shoved into a drawer.

99% of our competitors wood cutting boards are wood strips that are simply glued together, cut to size, routered and sanded. A lot of this being done with an automated machine or CNC. Not here at Drouin’s Glen, we are the happily the 1%. Our boards are not made by a machine, but instead “created” by a craftsman who builds every piece of the board with pride to produce, your Drouin’s Glen Heirloom Cutting Board.

Thank you for your time. We hope that you would allow us the pleasure of providing you with our hand-built Drouin’s Glen Heirloom Cutting Boards.

Phil Drouin – Owner, Lead Craftsman

Our cutting boards come in two sizes 12”x12” and 12”x18”. There are no ¾” boards here at Drouin’s Glen, both boards are an inch and a half thick. That’s twice as thick as most other wood cutting boards, but still don’t weigh a ton for the typical home use. Additionally, both our boards are 2-in-1 boards meaning, if you cut vegetables on one side you can flip the board over and use the other side for other slicing.

As an added custom touch, our 18” cutting boards have a deep, “hand routered”, gravy cut on one side for cutting up your turkey, roast, etc. and keeping the juices where they belong, on the board. You can also flip the board over and use the other side as a Charcuterie Board. Don’t worry guys…I have your back! Yeah, had no clue when my wife was talking about one. Thanks to the internet, it’s a fancy French term for a cheese and meat board.

If you go to the Manufacturing Process page, you can see how our boards are created. Is our manufacturing process overkill? Definitely. Are our boards over engineered? Yup, and NO apologies for doing either. What you will get with one of Drouin’s Glen Cutting Boards are a superior product that are made to last. Our mantra here is “do it right the first time, make it look great and make it to last for generations”.

We would put our cutting boards up against cutting boards you see on those cooking shows anytime. Our cutting boards are hand-built like a tank and not automated machine produced. Call us Mr. or Mrs. Cooking Show Producers, we will show you what we are talking about.

Drouin’s Glen is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Business

God Bless America


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