Cutting Board Care

Cutting Board Care and Maintenance

Thank you for your recent purchase from Drouin’s Glen Heirloom Cutting Boards. We know that you and your family will truly adore our product and we took immense pride when we hand-built the board for you. To keep your board in pristine condition for years to come we have created the following documentation to ensure your cutting board last generations.

Oiling: There was a small bottle of Walrus Oil ® provided with your purchase. (Don’t worry, it’s not made from walrus oil, that’s just the brand name) For the initial oiling of your board shake up the oil and grab a paper towel. Put a little oil on the board in a few spots and rub in the oil and work in any excess oil across the whole board. Do this on the entire cutting board, including the sides, then leave the board overnight on a dishcloth. In the morning, your board is ready to go.

The first few times that you oil the board there will be some dust coming off, don’t worry about it. Even though each board is cleaned off and hit with a tack cloth to remove the dust, it never is 100%. The oil will pick out the minute particles from the grain that the tack cloth couldn’t.

There are differing opinions on how often to re-apply the oil. Some say after each use, or once a week or once a month. I say, when you rinse off the board and the water doesn’t slide off go ahead and put another coat on. Or if doesn’t have the “new board shine”, give it another coat. If you want to oil the board after each wash, no worries you won’t hurt it. If the oil doesn’t absorb into the wood, it won’t accept anymore, and you will just be wasting the oil at that point.

When you run out of the Walrus Oil ® provided with your purchase, you can re-order some more at Or you can go to your local hardware store. There are usually food grade mineral oil in bottle in the paint section.

Do and Do Nots:

Do enjoy the board. Most people don’t want to use them as they are so beautiful. Yes, they are, but they are as tough as a tank and meant to be used.

Do Not use the cutting board as a chopping block. If you want to go all “Buckaroo Banzai” (yup, I dated myself, but a killer sleeper 80’s movie), resist the urge. It’s wood so don’t hit it with a Samurai Sword or a meat cleaver.

Do Not use serrated knives on the board. You just purchased an incredible cutting board, go treat yourself to a great set of German Solingen made knives. Trust me, they are worth the money.

Do Not put the cutting board into the dishwasher. Seriously, nope.

Do Not let leave the board in the bottom of the sink. Go ahead and wash it with a little soap and water

Do remove the excess water after washing with a dish towel. Then stand the cutting board on its side resting against your backsplash to allow both sides to dry at the same time.

Do display the cutting board on your counter, they are beautiful and as “no one puts Baby in a corner” (if you don’t know this movie comment, go ask your parents), no one should put these boards in a drawer.

Do tell others about Drouin’s Glen Heirloom Cutting boards! And thank you again for your patronage!


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