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Where did “Drouin’s Glen” come from? In October 2003, we bought 27-acres in beautiful Acworth, New Hampshire. My wife didn’t want Drouin Acres or Farm as a name, so I had to come up with something. My friend and I were talking about this at work and James asked, “Doesn’t she have some Irish heritage?”. Well, the property is at the beginning of the Great Brook Valley, so we decided on Drouin’s Glen, as glen is Irish for valley. After we built our log home in 2009, that is what we named our property, and what I decided to name my business.

The Drouin’s Glen Woodworking concept was created in August 2021. After 4-years consulting and 18-years working full-time for a Fortune 10 insurance company in Information Technology, I was laid off out of the blue. Well, being a few years away from retirement and the last several years performing specialized IT work, I really didn’t have too many career options in the white-collared world.

So, my wife asked me, “What do you want to do?”. The first word out of my mouth was “woodworking”. I have been woodworking since the 6th grade as a hobby making items for family and friends. I also love to cook and watch food shows, so 2 + 2 = 4, I decided to start up Drouin’s Glen Woodworking specializing on my take of the best built, highest-quality, and most visually stunning cutting boards that I could possibly make.

Taking this one step further, I wanted to make Heirloom Quality Furniture and Island Counter-tops. The cradle presented on this website was a copy of the cradle that I made for our first granddaughter in 2011. That cradle went on to be used for our other two granddaughters and is currently in storage for when they have their own children. From that moment in 2011, I decided that any new woodworking project would be heirloom quality for my great-great-great grandchildren. I also hope to teach my granddaughter’s the same woodworking skill set that I have, as I have starting doing with my wife.

God Bless America!

Phil Drouin – Owner and Lead Craftsman
United States Air Force C-130 Crew Chief
Service-Connected Disabled Veteran
Proud Husband, Daddy, and Poppy

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Drouin’s Glen

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607 Charlestown Road
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Phone: 603-835-2085
Email: info@DrouinsGlenWoodworking.com