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Every now and then someone reaches out to us for a special woodworking project. While, our primary focus is on our Heirloom Cutting Boards, we do take on additional projects when time allows. Here are some projects that we have done and are made on request. If you have a woodworking project that you would like to see if we can build, please contact and we will let you know.

Heirloom Cherry Cradle

I’ve made this same cradle for my daughter for the birth of our first granddaughter in 2011. It worked great for our two other granddaughters as well. When we learned that our friend’s son was expecting a son, I jumped on building another one that his family can use for generations to come.

I would need at least 2-months’ notice to build this as it is both time consuming and needs to fit into the build schedule so that the cutting board inventory is not negatively impacted. Also, I am only building these for the Acworth, NH area market as I have not found a shipping company that is cost effective for shipping these nationally. If you are not local but still want one, then…road trip! Come to New Hampshire, enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer. The White Mountains, the Lakes Region, our Seacoast, the Connecticut River Valley and of course, leaf peeping and maple syrup. Then you can swing by Drouin’s Glen and pick up your hand-built heirloom cradle from our workshop.

These cradles are built like a brick latrine! Each joint in the cradle is glued and mortised into a blind tenon, this includes the twenty-two side slats. This alone makes the cradle incredibly strong. But anyone who knows me, knows that this isn’t good enough. There is precious cargo that is being cared for in this cradle, so Mr. Overbuild shows up.

Each joint, besides the slats, have a countersunk wood screw into the tenon and then is finished with a cherry plug. The mounts are built the same way with the smaller mount glued and screwed onto the larger mount which is then glued and screwed onto the cradle face. Finally, the ¾” dowels are then glued through the mounts and wood screws are countersunk into the end of the dowel and finished with a cherry plug. The final step is inserting a removable ¼” brass bar that will be used in one end of the cradle mount to keep the cradle from rocking when needed.

Finally, I do not, and I will not stain cherry. Cherry is one of the most beautiful of wood and ages magnificently. The aged look that everyone wants stain to do, doesn’t do it. Father time does that, so be patient!

 Price: Starting at $4,250

Coming Soon: 1½” x 12” x 22” English Elm live edge with Walnut end caps cheese board. As you can see from the picture below, English Elm is a beautiful wood especially with the live edge and walnut. It’s also HUGE at 3’ long! Our client has a massive island for this to go onto and the 1½” x 22” x 3’ board fits the island perfectly size wise. Ours, as you can see from the picture, not so much.

Now for us normal island or counter top people, with the remaining English Elm from the full live edged plank, I will be building four 1½” x 12” x 22” cheese boards with the Drouin’s Glen signature end caps made of Walnut to prevent warping and then shaped to the live edge contours. These will be done when our schedule allows, so if you want one check back periodically.

 Price: Starting at $300

Coming soon: 1½” x 32” x 48” Kitchen Island Walnut Counter top finished with the Drouin’s Glen signature end caps made of Walnut. I have an order out for a hand-made Walnut counter top to be finished with 3-coats of varnish polished to a glossy sheen using 1300-grit sandpaper. Again, like with the cradle, I am only building these for the local market as I have not found a shipping company that is cost effective for shipping these nationally. If you are not local but still want one, then…road trip to a New Hampshire vacation! Pictures coming soon of the counter top.

 Price: Starting at $950 

Island of Misfit Boards

Every now and then an “oopsies” occurs. Something like, we’re almost finished with the board and the wood tears out with the router, or there is a knot in one of the pieces. Either way, the board is perfectly fine, but cannot be sold for full price as there is a blemish so it is not 100%.

Another way is your just about ready for bed and boom; “The Max Headroom movie is coming on! I haven’t seen that since the 80’s, sweet!” (Yeah, I dated myself). You crank up the TV, open that “extra” bottle of wine and voila, the next morning you realize you aren’t 21 anymore. You then mistake the ¼” line on the tape measure for the ¾” line and cut away; well, you can’t add wood “back” …so here we are. After wondering if you were dropped on your head as a child multiple times, it’s posted on this page at a discount. It’s smaller than production but still perfectly fine and beautiful.

If there are not any boards posted here, then we are doing great! If there are…enjoy the discount and ignore that “You @!#$%^~ genius” scream…it’s only me, but the movie was good!



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